Thursday, July 1, 2010

Named Truganini

Image: State Library Queensland

Truganini: 203 gross tons, 130 net. Lbd: 120' X 20' X 9'. Iron passenger steamship built by Black & Noble, Montrose for the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Co., Hobart.
  • December 1879 G W & B B Nicoll,
  • December 1880 G W Nicoll
  • 1881 April, James Burns and
  • 1882 transferred to Queensland Steam Shipping Co Ltd. registered London.
  • April 1887 Australasian United Steam Navigation Co., Sydney.
  • Since, had also been chartered by Burns Philp & Co working New Guinea.
  • Whilst on the mail run to New Caledonia, she was wrecked February 11th, 1891 Aneityum, New Hebrides
It cannot go unnoticed that the ship was commissioned in the year of Truganini's death.

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