Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tasmanian Madness – Contemporary Tasmaniana



Ed Timbertop said...

Imagine, after years of violent stuttering Atrazine dreams and self similar 360 degree views of cloned trees, you'll wake one morning to the house shaking rumble of bulldozers, skidders and tree loppers. All raucously complemented by the howl of log truck engines and the whine of huge tires hurling up cocks plumes of muck as they spin the access road and all around into an impassable rutted mudbath.

You'd lean out and look but you've learned from years of random overspraying that more dizziness and weird visions could be the result.

In just a few short weeks, the trees will be gone, leaving only a landscape of stumps and craters that would remind you of the Somme if you were old enough.

After that, you won't have to worry about the view as your house disappears into clouds of choking smoke from the burned off debris, leaving a gray lunar scape of inorganic ash.

You can look forward to a pounding on your door as forestry hoons offer you yet another contract to lease your land (which probably can't be used for anything else anyway) and you can welcome back the clanking tree planting equipment and dream about more years of surprise helicopter overflights, and waves of hungry animals who shelter in the plantation but have to visit your property for food.

Welcome to Paradise.

Emily Smyth said...

Congratulations Tasmaniana, this is a good find that speaks volumes. Clearly there is someone in AUSTRALIA, and working for The Australian, with TASMANIA on their mind. Thinking about how this all came about is one of those classic bits of serendipity.
However I wonder if the copywriter at ROBERTS had the vaguest idea about how this would be read. This is an idea that should be spread about widely.

Anonymous said...

What fee does one make from a Gunn's partnership?
Why are they selling?
Has the arse dropped out of both Gunn's share prices and the house & land market down there?
. . . when eye sore the piece in the Australian I thought "hey! this could be a great investment for someone from the mainland wanting to enter the market down there"?
. . . so, am I mistaken?

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