Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thylacine Image Research Network

As is the way of things this image was rescued during a deceased estate clearup. The story goes that the 'artist' was apparently a little bashful and didn't rate his darkroom effort all that highly. The image was found tucked away and so far as anyone knows it was made but not shown to anyone. We think that it is a great image!

The Thylacine Image Network Collection may well prove of interest or of use to Tasmaphiles wherever they are and possibly a researcher or two as well. If you have a Thylacine Image please register it with TTN.
There are a lot of image on the internet but we are looking for those quirky, left field or idiosyncratic images that only Tasmaniana collectors are ever likely to know about. Think about it and register your images soon!

For more information eMail: tasmaniana@7250.net

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